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Concordance Manager is an online application which serves to visualize the concordances generated with TexSEn. The application employs PHP language with MySQL database access.

Main Features

The concordances are displayed in terms of lemma. The program applies a specific format/style to the data, when displayed on screen, so as to procure a clearer reading of the results. The main results are organized into five columns: a) Lemma; b) -1 (the first preceding word); c) keyword (the word entry); d) +1 (the first following word); and e) reference.


For the sake of successful reading and screen-visualization, concordances are generated with five words to the right and to the left of the lemma/keyword. If a larger context for the lemma is desired, it can be generated through TexSEn with the "Lemma-sorted KWIC concordance builder"; and if you wish to visualize the whole phrases, go to the list of lemmas and phrases.

When the selected lemma has many registers, they are generated on a number of different pages, each one displaying a total of 200 registers. Below the bottom left corner of the table, navigation buttons are included to move through the different pages.

The layout of the table displayed on screen is the following. The first cell of each row holds the lemma (in blue) and the cells to the right, the keyword's pre-context. Next, the keyword is offered in central position (in red) and to the right the keyword's post-context. Although the number of words in the pre- and post-context can be changed when generating the concordances, it is commonly kept the same for all the lemmas in a table. Finally, the text's reference is provided with the page (p italicized and in superscript) or folio (r or v italicized and in superscript) number and the line of the given paragraph.

By default, the results are always displayed according to the original ordering of the words in the text, not alphabetically. However, they can be alphabetically sorted in terms of keyword, previous word (-1), or following word (+1) by clicking on the icon () appearing on top of the aforementioned columns.



The lemma-sorted concordances are generated from the manuscripts composing the Malaga corpus of the Early Modern English Scientific Prose. For convenience, they are shown treatise by treatise in this application. Actually, the lemma-sorted concordances replicate the KWIC concordances of the referred corpus though sorted in terms of their lemma for the sake of easing the consult. By clicking on a given lemma of the predictive list all the variants compiled under this lemma are displayed in a tabular format. This constitutes a great advantage as all the lemma-related allomorphs are listed at a stake without other words intervening in the list and thus avoiding the task of scrolling throughout the alphabetical list especially whenever initial alternative consonants are involved (<f> / <v> ; <c> / <k> / <ch> ; <th> / <thorn> / <yogh> , etc.) or initial monopthongs or diphthongs are concerned, which may be (the) exponent of a dialectal feature.

Lemma -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 Keyword 1 2 3 4 5 Reference
urine, n Blac . Blac vryn hath evermore a swartnesse . 1r,1
urine, n of ethiop Also blak vryne is cawsed of iij thinges 1r,1
urine, n secundum Isaac and avicenna Blac Vryn moch in quantite with a 1r,15
urine, n thow seist it in the vryne : so it is in 1r,20
urine, n Auicenna . And vryn blac whether it be equal 1r,20
urine, n ysaac . Also an vryn that is moch and dark 1r,25
urine, n quartein . Also blac vryn thyn above / and thik 1v,1
urine, n Ysaac Also the same vryn save it is more white 1v,5
urine, n both Auicenna Also blac vryn and fatty above with an 1v,5
urine, n . Also fetor in vryn that is rotyng or fordoing 1v,10
urine, n haue no sauour but as vryn shuld haue therin is hope 1v,10
urine, n primo . Also an vryn that is moch blac with 1v,10
urine, n a rule In blac vryne or blackish . or Rubicundus 1v,15
urine, n clowde and makith al the vryn blac or blackish . et 1v,15
urine, n est Ysaac Also blac vryne and swart with raving of 1v,15
urine, n Ysaac . Also blac vryn in a feuer . if 1v,20
urine, n a feuer . if the vryn be thyn vppwarde more & 1v,20
urine, n Galen . Also blac vryn in a feuer . with 1v,25
urine, n Ysaac . Also blac vryn in a brennyng fever and 1v,25
urine, n Auicenna primo . Blac vryn and thik in an agw 1v,30
urine, n it betokenith dethe Ysaac Vrin blac as blood that is 1v,35
urine, n . Ysaac . Blac vryn in an agw . and 1v,35
urine, n dethe . Egidius . Vrin blac and stinkinge and swete 1v,35
urine, n . Auicenna . Blac vrin most like to citrine or 2r,1
urine, n tyme of pestilens a blac vrine with good synis significat salutem 2r,1
urine, n Euer the mor thikker that vryn is the thynner the worse 2r,5
urine, n pronostices contra 22 . that vrin shewith ever of groso humoures 2r,5
urine, n driyng of senows Blac vrine in which is sedimen gatherd 2r,5
urine, n dethe auicena 4 Blac vryn sotel and litel pessima est 2r,10
urine, n of humores . and the vryn be blak . and also 2r,10
urine, n emeraudis Ysaac . Blac vryn with payn and angwish in 2r,15
urine, n flouris secundum Ysaac Blac vryn in a man with a 2r,15
urine, n it betokneth cramp / blac vryne bothe in man and woman 2r,20
urine, n . Auicenna primo Blac vryn com in the beginnyng of 2r,25
urine, n betokeneth dethe ysaac Blac vryn if gren went before it 2r,30
urine, n melancoly auicenna primo Blac vrin and thik with ypostasis famouse 2r,30
urine, n significat mortem Ioannes de sancto amando Blac vrin that is sotel and thynn 2r,35
urine, 1 medicamen in ortis Inficit urine Liuidus ora color ./ Bloo 2v,5
urine, n liuidus color occupi al the vryne or els occupy but part 2v,10
urine, n occupy but part of the vryne the which infectith over : 2v,10
urine, n . Gilbertus libro primo Blo vryn with a grene cerkil betokneth 2v,15
urine, n in Libro / Vrin Liuidus betokneth ther be veynes 2v,30
urine, n lungis Ysaac ./ Blo vrin and litil and fat betokneth 2v,30
urine, n it betokneth strangurion And if vryn be blo or ledy with 2v,35
urine, n of the hede Blo vrin and ful of smal motis 3r,1
urine, n tois Ysaac . Liuida vrina fatti betokneth the frensy . 3r,1
urine, n & Iohanen de sancto amando . Liuida vrina oily above betokneth the artetica 3r,5
urine, n . Whan al the vrin is liuidus . it betokneth 3r,5
urine, n and diseased Egidius Liuida vrina litil in quantite . and 3r,10
urine, n sharp feuer betokneth dethe Liuida vrina thik benethe and lighter and 3r,10
urine, n Liuidus color thorow al the vrin and fatti with resolutions . 3r,15
urine, n the Etik Walter . Vrina liuida above and thik is 3r,15
urine, n bi the trobling of the vrine shal ye know it / 3r,20
urine, n know it / Blo vryn in a woman betokneth compression 3r,20
urine, n bothe evyn and morn Whyte vrin most like onto water . 3r,30
urine, n it is called a watri vrine And suche maner vryn 3r,30
urine, n vrine And suche maner vryn betokneth ever indigestioun of homowrs 3r,30
urine, n . Vnderstonde the white vrin and thyne is indigestion and 3r,30
urine, n ij maner of whitnes in vryn, oon that is brighte and 3v,1
urine, n grenesse & euermor such maner vryne betokneth melancoly and pestilens . 3v,5
urine, n flewm . 3 maner of vryn that is white and hath 3v,10
urine, n & Iohanes . White vrin at the begynning of siknesse 3v,15
urine, n the over part of the vryne it betokneth called iposarcha that 3v,15
urine, n . Ysaac . White vryn and thyn and moch in 3v,20
urine, n and drink Egidius White vrin and thyn with smal gravel 3v,20
urine, n ware chisele and the next vrin before was white and thik 3v,20
urine, n . Also and the vrin be first thik and afterward 3v,20
urine, n raynes ysaac ./ An vrin white and thyne and betokneth 3v,25
urine, n Ysaac . Also an vryn white and thyn and moch 3v,25
urine, n ypocras et isaac An vrin white and thyne and sumwhat 3v,30
urine, n et Egidium Also white vrin and thyne and achild betokneth 4r,1
urine, n et Egidium . White vrin and thyne in the day 4r,5
urine, n Ptolomeus . Yf the vrin apere rubea or subrubea . 4r,10
urine, n and in this wise the vrin sheweth hym souch in quarteynes 4r,10
urine, n . walterius ./ White vrin and thine or yelow & 4r,10
urine, n and after that comyth an vrin moch in quantite than it 4r,15
urine, n vitrie . and if an vrin shewe white and thin with 4r,15
urine, n be iij causes comynly the vrin is white Sumtym because of stopping 4r,20
urine, n third cause is whi the vrin is white and wan is 4r,25
urine, n humoures be mixte with the vrin . and it is comenly 4r,30
urine, n is general significatioun of the vrine that is watery and wan 4r,30
urine, n . Ysaac . White vrin and thyn with ache ande 4r,30
urine, n of the wais of the vrin because of grose flewme and in 4r,35
urine, n colour Egidius . White vrin and thyne the cause therof 4r,35
urine, n . And whansoeuer white vryne is menely thyne with grose 4r,35
urine, n putrefactum secundum Egidium . Vrin menely thyn without clouttes betokneth 4v,1
urine, n betokneth flewm acetosum Also an vrin white and thyne and it 4v,1
urine, n matter begin to lose the vrin wexeth thik . Egidius . 4v,5
urine, n . Egidius . White vrin and thyne and shyning . 4v,5
urine, n the over party of the vrin betokneth the artetica passion of 4v,10
urine, n . Ysaac . White vrin and thyn with a feuer 4v,10
urine, n . Egidius . White vrin and thyne bright and clere 4v,20
urine, n Ysaac And if souch an vrin cum in a fever . 4v,20
urine, n the emeraudes Also an vryn e and watery and thyn 4v,25
urine, n Ysaac Also souch an vryn with payne in the sidis 4v,30
urine, n . Also a water vryne if it cum owt litel 4v,30
urine, n . Ysaac Also an vryn wateri and it haue like 4v,35
urine, n wicked Ysaac . An vrin crude in the beginning of 4v,35
urine, n Egidius Ysaac . White vryn like whey in the begynning 5r,1
urine, n in the tunge White vrin like white whey and he 5r,1
urine, n dethe Ysaac Also an vrin that is viscouse with payn 5r,1
urine, n Gordianus . et Walterius Vrin mekil and thik and no 5r,10
urine, n in the body Ysaac Vrin moch and thik and easely 5r,10
urine, n Ysaac . Also viscouse vrin moch fattish in Colica passio 5r,15
urine, n sumtym it betokneth Epilencie Vrin that goth from oon agenst 5r,15
urine, n est Ysaac . White vrin bothe in men and also 5r,15
urine, n botom Ysaac . White vrin and bloish betokneth evermore cold 5r,20
urine, n fattish or like an horse vrin it betokneth syknesse of the 5r,20
urine, n Ysaac . Also an vrin that is spumose above betokneth 5r,25
urine, n colde cowhȜ Walterius White vrin and thik . or grose 5r,25
urine, n et Gordianum et Ysaac Vrin pale or subpale menely thik 5r,30
urine, n secundum Iohanes de sancto amando . White vrin and thik in the cretik 5r,30
urine, n dethe Ysaac . White vrin and thik with non ypostasis 5r,35
urine, n and perel Ysaac White vrin and thik and oilish is 5r,35
urine, n and in dissentery if the vryn be red it is dethe 5v,1
urine, n in a tercian Yf the vryn be white and bright it 5v,1
urine, n in potage etc ./ Glauk vrin . id est . yelow 5v,10
urine, n euery maner of brightnesse in vrin betokneth drynesse secundum Ptolomeum 5v,10
urine, n secundum Ptolomeum White yelowish vrin betokneth siknesse in the mylt 5v,15
urine, n et Auicenna . Yelow vrin menely thik betokneth melancoly both 5v,30
urine, n and wommen Walterius Aueroys Vrin more thik than thyn of 5v,30
urine, n egre fleume Ptolomeus Glauc vrin if it be of thyn 5v,30
urine, n and perel Gordianus Yelow vrin with a thyn substance significat 5v,35
urine, n and drink it . Mylkye vrin it is whiter than is 6r,1
urine, n other moo Walterius Mylky vrin ande litil betokneth dethe Gilbertus 6r,5
urine, n Lif Egidius . Milky vrin and thyn and moche in 6r,5
urine, n Walterius Ysaac Also this vrin thik over al betokneth flewm 6r,10
urine, n and helthe Egidius Milky vrin and menely thik with cloutes 6r,15
urine, n and corrupt Gilbertus Milky vrin and karapos thik litil and 6r,15
urine, n is the flux Walterius Vrin lactei or liuide derke and 6r,20
urine, n retention of flouris Gilbertus Vrin whit like sperme toknethe a 6r,20
urine, n Rasus Animalium . Vrin like sperme tokneth great cold 6r,20
urine, n Constantinus 7 pantegni Also vrin lacteus sumtym tokneth that a 6r,20
urine, n the temples therwithe . Also Vrin karapos is most like toward 6v,1
urine, n take good hede that white vrin yelou vrin and mylky vrin 6v,15
urine, n hede that white vrin yelou vrin and mylky vrin as it 6v,15
urine, n vrin yelou vrin and mylky vrin as it is shewed in 6v,15
urine, n thik body Egidius An vrin that is white or yelow 6v,20
urine, n swel Gordianus . Egidius Vrin karapos litil in quantite with 6v,25
urine, n and Lapis betokneth both Vrin karapos moch in quantite with 6v,30
urine, n maladies as is in alba vrina Ysaac karapos vrin and 6v,35
urine, n alba vrina Ysaac karapos vrin and thik and bright with 6v,35
urine, n de cotidiam . Karapos vrin . lacteus thik without gravel 6v,35
urine, n guttis Edigius Walterius Karapos vrin thik in substans and litil 6v,40
urine, n resolutions the which make the vrin trobly tokneth diaria . id 7r,1
urine, n the wombe Galterius Karapos vrin thik in substans above and 7r,1
urine, n bonum significat Egidius Karapos vrin thik in substans and litil 7r,1
urine, n tokneth peripleumonia Iohanem de sancto amando Karapos vrin fat above in the begynning 7r,5
urine, n ther cum after Þat moch vrin and thyn it tokneth a 7r,10
urine, n ware no colour elles the vryn war but alba or glauca 7r,15
urine, n it is dethe Gilbertus Vryn pale or subpale with a 7r,20
urine, n wasted . Ypocras Pale vrin or subpale with a thyne 7v,1
urine, n long siknesse Auicenna Pale vrin or subpale moch and thin 7v,5
urine, n the wombe Auicenna Pale vrin or subpale cum after citrine 7v,5
urine, n contentis aforsayd over al the vrin it tokneth the second spice 7v,30
urine, n evil complexion Galterius Pale vrin thyn and light et tenebrosa 8r,5
urine, n this . and if the vryn be with a thyn substance 8r,15
urine, n a quarte of thy owne vryn and sethe it . and 8r,15
urine, n Also citrine color in vryn is mene betwene yelow and 8r,20
urine, n yelow and white . Ysaac Uryn citrine thyn and clere in 8r,25
urine, n no Ysaac Egidius Citryn vrin spumous above . and before 8r,25
urine, n before that went a white vrin . and if he blede 8r,25
urine, n yl Ysaac Also an vrin colerica in the dai of 8r,30
urine, n mengid with blode than is vrin citryn moch towarde rednesse . 8v,1
urine, n menged with melancoli then the vrin is citrin moch toward virgyns 8v,1
urine, n with flewm than is the vrin subcitryn with a maner of 8v,5
urine, n Egidius And souch an vrin in harvaist if it contynow 8v,10
urine, n Also if souch an vrin appere with many smal yardes 8v,15
urine, n melancoly humours And if the vrin be moch and large it 8v,15
urine, n Walterius . Also this vrin in the beginnyng of a 8v,20
urine, n cramp . and this same vrin in hym that hath the 8v,20
urine, n . Ypocras . Citrine vrin and also thik tokneth a 8v,20
urine, n the tisik Egidius . Vrin dark and sotel tokneth adustioun 8v,30
urine, n secundum Iohanem de sancto amando . Also vrin rufe or subrufe with a 9r,10
urine, n nor dymnes aboue on the vrin and the vrin apere so 9r,15
urine, n on the vrin and the vrin apere so longe tyme it 9r,15
urine, n saith in his boke of vrins that Rufe and subruf in 9r,15
urine, n dropsi is vncurable and white vrin in the dropsi is good 9r,15
urine, n the cold dropsy Also vrin Rufe or Subrufe ouer al thik 9r,20
urine, n Galterius And if souche vrin appere with many smal resolutiouns 9v,20
urine, n . Ysaac . Such vrin in women tokneth payn in 9v,20
urine, n Gordianus Also souch an vrin tokneth a fever Emitriceus with 9v,25
urine, n it is of peripleumonia the vryn is more thynner and louer 9v,30
urine, n it is digestioun Rufe vrin almost like citrine colour and 9v,35
urine, n al the body of the vrin it tokneth 3 spice of 10r,10
urine, n the body Egidius Rufe vrin with the Iawndis tokenneth dissoluyng 10r,10
urine, n Ysaac . Also souch vrin with a frenysi is great 10r,15
urine, n Egidius . auicenna Red vrin and al thyne and clere 10v,5
urine, n lyuer Egidius . Also vrin may be made thik and 10v,10
urine, n . and sumtym because the vrin is thik because of feblenesse . 10v,15
urine, n . and wey of the vryne . and if it be 10v,15
urine, n the ij last poyntes the vrin is more thik and more 10v,20
urine, n called pleuresis and than the vryn is grenysh or yelowesh a 10v,20
urine, n . primo . Red vrin with sore siknesse in the 10v,25
urine, n be blac vpwarde and the vrin clere than it tokneth a 10v,30
urine, n sides Auicenna . Red vrin and thik with grose with 10v,35
urine, n soden deth Ypocras Red vrin with the iaundis and sumwhat 11r,15
urine, n of mynde Ypocras Red vrin with spuyng and sharpnes of 11r,15
urine, n a general rule that what vrin it be and if it 11v,1
urine, n Ysaac And if the vrin be clere and thik above 11v,1
urine, n dethe Ysaac Also if Þe vrin be red and stynketh with 11v,5
urine, n . Ysaac . And this vrin be thyn and bright and 11v,10
urine, n plaster to his hede Also vrin ynopos is most like wyn 11v,35
urine, n mortificatioun so ynopos colour in vrin is caused of adustioun secundum 12r,5
urine, n secundum Ptolomeum . Also vrin ynopos and vrin kyanos ben 12r,5
urine, n Also vrin ynopos and vrin kyanos ben almost like saf 12r,5
urine, n . Also souch an vrin in a feuer tokneth warisshing 12r,10
urine, n is of the flourys the vrin is more thik and trobly 12r,15
urine, n overpassing of digestioun than the vrin is nygh like to sinop 12v,5
urine, n Auicenna primo . Also grene vrin tokneth the Iaundis And 12v,35
urine, n viridis . And whan the vrin is like grene gras it 13r,1
urine, n Aueroi 4 Also grene vryne in an agu tokneth a 13r,5
urine, n in the body Also vrin that is litil tokneth deth 13r,10
urine, n on Auicenna primo Grene vrin and mykil in quantite and 13r,15
urine, n is rehersed afore of litil vryn and grene so it is 13r,15
urine, n colour Auicenna Also grene vrin and moche and modly with 13r,15
urine, n membre passeth away with the vrin and tokneth hasty dethe Auicenna 13r,20
urine, n hasty dethe Auicenna Also grene vrin tokneth the morfew and vanyte 13r,20
urine, n . Ptolomeus Also grene vrin and moch and oily and 13r,35
urine, n iiij Regiouns in mannys body vrin according to the iiij regions of 13v,5
urine, n the over part of th urin . And it sheweth ever 13v,10
urine, n the second regioun of th uryn is next the cercule And 13v,15
urine, n in the myddis of the vrin and lasteth from diafragma to 13v,25
urine, n This iiijth regioun of the vryn tellith and shewith in the 14r,1
urine, n in the ground of th uryn the disposition of the generatiuys 14r,1
urine, n th ouer part of th uryne and sheweth the dispositioun and 14r,5
urine, n whitish watery appering in an vrin thik of substance betokneth that 14r,10
urine, n burbilles abide styl after the vryne haue his kyndly residence that 14v,1
urine, n and bolne and if th uryn be wan in colour and 14v,5
urine, n bide stil hole after th urin haue his kindly resting it 14v,10
urine, n to th hede than th uryn is hy and a great 14v,15
urine, n in euery regioun of th urin Egidius . And souch greynes 14v,20
urine, n Yf souch apper in th urin it tokneth the vice of 14v,25
urine, n ande pleuresis . Yf th urin be a party blew it 14v,40
urine, n in the pipis than th urin is liuide above and greyny 15r,1
urine, n greyny Also whan th urin is yelow or grene foumy 15r,1
urine, n like thik mele apering in vrin tokneth daily siknes Ptolomeus . 15r,5
urine, n a feuer cotidian and th urin white and occupith thouerpart ouer 15r,5
urine, n thouerpart ouer part of th urin it is of colerik humors 15r,5
urine, n that houeth above in th urin Ther be iij maner 15r,10
urine, n in diuerse places of th uryn and is called spuma granilosa 15r,15
urine, n al maner of souch frothy vrin tokneth euer ventosite touh and 15r,30
urine, n it wer red wyn in vrin of Rufe coloure it is 15v,5
urine, n right side And if th urin be right clere it is 15v,5
urine, n nor gladly asundry thow th urin be shaked but quauerith in 15v,15
urine, n fallyth often in olde folkes water and gleimouse mater that is 15v,15
urine, n bladder as sone as the vrin is made it draweth down 15v,25
urine, n more thik downwarde in th urin than it is vpwarde . 15v,25
urine, n goth more space with th urin whan it is of the 15v,30
urine, n by his n with th urin for if it cum of 15v,30
urine, n with the body of th urin And it cum of the 15v,30
urine, n is mykel corporat with th urin Egidius . Also by 15v,35
urine, n . whan Atter apperith in vrin it tokneth empostymes . bocchis 16r,5
urine, n is white grauel in th urin it tokneth the membre is 16r,10
urine, n sond with quytter in th urin and tokneth great siknesse ther 16r,15
urine, n hath no sond in th urin but it tokneth strong siknesse 16r,15
urine, n maner of ffatnesse In th urin oon is cleped vrina pinguis 16r,20
urine, n pinguis . that is fat vrin / Another is cleped oleagena 16r,20
urine, n oleagena and that is oilysh vrin And thus shal ye know 16r,20
urine, n from th other whan th urin hathe in maner of a 16r,20
urine, n vrina pinguis And if th urin haue with the fatnesse a 16r,25
urine, n oyl than it is called vrina oleagina as is comonly in 16r,25
urine, n . Ysaac . Also vrin that is oylish and with 16r,25
urine, n significat Ysaac . An vrin that is euery day changeable 16r,30
urine, n Auicenna Also an vrin like rust in an agu 16r,30
urine, n Ysaac And if th urin haue moch fat it tokneth 16r,35
urine, n from the reynes and th urin and the fatnesse is moch 16r,40
urine, n And if fatnesse appere in vrin with a contynual feuer it 16v,1
urine, n . and namely if th urin be crudy Ysaac And 16v,1
urine, n that ther be iij dyuerse vrines of the Etik The furst 16v,5
urine, n And if oily vryn cum in the begynnyng of 16v,10
urine, n Auicenna . And th urin be moch in quantite and 16v,10
urine, n a feuer Etik And th uryn must stond long or the 16v,15
urine, n that iij thinges appere in vrin like as sedimen . id 16v,15
urine, n be theself above in th uryn it tokneth disesis in the 16v,25
urine, n the neyther parties of th urin it tokneth siknese in the 16v,30
urine, n it apperith and dymmyng th uryn thik and grose not hole 16v,35
urine, n is an humor in the vryn it tokneth rothede and siknesse 16v,35
urine, n . Also if th uryn after his casting flete ful 17r,5
urine, n such motis than in th urin is raw humor al these 17r,5
urine, n and sumtym myxt with th urin and th uryn wil stynk 17r,25
urine, n with th urin and th uryn wil stynk and signifieth the 17r,25
urine, n in the botom of th uryn than it tokneth it cometh 17r,30
urine, n appere longe tyme in th uryne and moch in quantite malum 17r,35
urine, n Gordianus Also bloode in vryne as it were clouty fleshe 17r,35
urine, n in the way of the vryn aueroiȜ . Also 17r,40
urine, n in the botom of th uryn red as it were Rufe 17v,20
urine, n . yf here appere in vrin it cometh of humours . 17v,30
urine, n thei apper with a low vrin it tokneth wasting and driyng 17v,40
urine, n And in the hye vryn wasting of the 4 humors 18r,1
urine, n it is vpward in th uryne . and if it be 18r,10
urine, n it be low in th urin then it commeth from the 18r,10
urine, n be ouer al in th uryne than it commeth of al 18r,10
urine, n ./ Ande bren aper in vrin it tokneth siknes of the 18r,25
urine, n etyk / so that th uryn be fat above Gordianus primo 18r,25
urine, n if thei aper in mannys vrin it tokneth the gowt as 18v,25
urine, n euer it be . th uryn is euermore blo above that 18v,30
urine, n th ouer parte of th uryn thei tokyng the reumatik gout 18v,30
urine, n in the ground of th urin it tokneth the gout in 18v,35
urine, n and trobly in a wommans vrin it tokneth rising of her 19r,1
urine, n and the attomys aper in vrin of a woman so that 19r,10
urine, n if ther aper in th uryne a thyn body moche toward 19r,15
urine, n ther be fownd in th uryne thre greynes significat conceptionem 19r,20
urine, n or the third monthe th uryn hath smale clowdes within with 19r,25
urine, n a white grownde and th urin shal be right clere and 19r,25
urine, n be 4 monthis going ther vrin shal be clere red . 19r,25
urine, n And if ashes aper in vrin that is of low of 19r,35
urine, n flourys . Asshis in th uryn Attery tokneth th emraudis if 19v,1
urine, n Ysaac And sperme in vrin appere it tokneth moch hawnting 19v,5
urine, n apper fleting above in th uryn . and th uryn be 19v,10
urine, n th uryn . and th uryn be raw in colour it 19v,10
urine, n thei aper in hie coloured vrin than it tokneth it was 19v,15
urine, n quantite with ententice and thik vrin and lowgh nat fully in 19v,15
urine, n . Also asshis in vrin tokneth disese of the splen 19v,20
urine, n and the that pere in vrin of hie colour . and 19v,25
urine, n that is put out be vryne Also ypostasis apperith not 20r,5
urine, n not alwai in hole folkis vrin for thorow strenght of that 20r,5
urine, n aforesaid if thei apere in vrin Gordianus . Also if 20r,10
urine, n or like sintilla aper in vrin pessima est and if it 20r,25
urine, n Also ypostasis aper in vrin like grownd barley pessima est 20r,25
urine, n betwen bothe And th urin be thyn thow shalt se 20v,25
urine, n Ysaac And if th uryn be thik that thow maist 20v,25
urine, n to spew Gordianus ./ Vryn in an hote axes blac 20v,35
urine, n and stinking mortem significat Vrin in an hote axes on 20v,35
urine, n or blew mortem significat Vrin al keuerd ouer with lede 20v,35
urine, n a prolongation of dethe Vryn derke above and clere benethe 20v,35
urine, n benethe tokneth dethe . Vryn that shewith hymself right clere 21r,1
urine, n botom shyneth mortem significat Vryn thyn of substans hoving or 21r,1
urine, n dark skye mortem significat Vryn drasty stinking . and blac 21r,1
urine, n a prolongation toward deth Vryn like water . if it 21r,5
urine, n axes . mortem significat Vrin with drastes in the botom 21r,5
urine, n with blode tokneth deth Vrin blac and thyn if the 21r,5
urine, n from hym mortem significat Vrin blac in a feuer with 21r,5
urine, n nose blede mortem significat Vrin trobly that hath holding cloddes 21r,10
urine, n fleting . mortem significat Vrin in a feuer if it 21r,10
urine, n lik mylke mortem significat Vryn like blode with aking at 21r,10
urine, n right side mortem significat Vrin white and without substance and 21r,10
urine, n spume mortem significat . Vrin that hath flesh or here 21r,15
urine, n long siknes or deth Vryn blac and Watry in a 21r,15

Although the allomorphs of just one lemma have been studied, the lemma-sorted approach lends itself helpful to accomplish most descriptive philological studies. In addition, the feasibility of sorting alphabetically the precontext (-1) and the postcontext (+1) of the KWIC is also a valuable device to discover a plausible explanation for the ending <e> in the allomorphs (as its deployment may sometimes depend on the ensuing context, be they a punctuation mark, a vowel-initiated word, or a consonant-initiated word). Similarly, the distribution of the allomorphs of the lemmas , and is also uneven, either when the featuring class is taken into consideration or when the treatise is invoked as can be seen in the tables below.

Hunter 92 Ryland 1310 Total
either 12 12
through 17 33 50
Total 17 45 62


This work constitutes one of the results which derive from the research projects MEC HUM-2004/1075FILO and FFI-2008-02336/FILO funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and which have been carried out by researchers of the University of Málaga in collaboration with researchers from the universities of Murcia, Oviedo, Glasgow and Jaén.

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