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This website holds a repository of Early Modern English manuscripts dealing with Medicine, Botany and Pharmacopoeia, among others. The manuscripts belong to the Hunter Collection housed at Glasgow University Library (G.U.L.), the Wellcome Collection at the Wellcome Library in London and the Rylands Collection at the University of Manchester Library. The repository comprises the following manuscripts:

  • MS Hunter 43 (Recipes; The Secrets and Experiments of Mathewe Lucatellye)
  • MS Hunter 64 (Medical Receipts)
  • MS Hunter 92 (Treatise on the Anatomy of the Eye)
  • MS Hunter 95 (Medical Receipts)
  • MS Hunter 135 (Notes and Recipes on Alchemy and Medicine; Treatise on Surgery; Medica Qvaedam)
  • MS Hunter 303 (Jean Liébault's Treatise on the Diseases of Women)
  • MS Hunter 487 (Medical Recipes)
  • MS Wellcome 8 (Agricola, Johannes (1589--1643))
  • MS Wellcome 213 (Corlyon, Mrs)
  • MS Wellcome 373 (Jackson, Jane)
  • MS Wellcome 762 (Philip Stanhope)
  • MS Wellcome 3009 (Jacob, Elizabeth (& others))
  • MS Wellcome 3724 (Osborne, Sir Thomas)
  • MS Wellcome 3769 (Parker, Jane)
  • MS Wellcome 6812 (English Medical Notebook)
  • MS Wellcome 7818 (Medical Receipts)
  • MS Wellcome 8086 (Receipt book)
  • MS Rylands 1310 (On Urines)
  • MS Ferguson 7 (Secrets of Alexis of Piemont; Plants from Dodoneus Herbal)

Digitised manuscripts can be freely consulted along with their diplomatic transcription. User-friendly tools allow: a) to magnify the images, to search the occurrences of anyword and to check the transcribed text against the transcribed image; b) to view the lemma-sorted KWIC ocurrences generated from the Corpus (with TexSEn); and c) to retrieve morpho-syntantic information from the texts (TexSEn).